well, i said i’d blog about my stories.

I have two completed first drafts of two 50,000 word novels, part of the same trilogy in the same way that Thor and Captain America are part of the same series of movies (I dearly hope you know about The Avengers, if not, have you been hiding under a rock all this time?).

The summary of the first book, which is undergoing a title change (it was at first called Five Journeys, One Quest, but as that’s not at all relevant anymore, I’m changing the title), is below:

Eight tribes once existed, but sixty years ago war raged across the land and two were destroyed and one, the Time tribe, sunk into the shadows, hiding its very existence from the five remaining tribes. Ebon, the last member of the Darkness tribe, is one of the only people who still know of the Time tribe, and he believes that this tribe is trying once again to take control of the others.

He gathers together a group of five highly skilled teenagers- Emerald from the Riches tribe, Snake from the Land tribe, Eagle from the Sky tribe, Shark from the Sea tribe, and Flame from the Elements tribe- to assassinate the leader of the Time tribe, Eventide, and his son, Midnight.

First they must prepare, so Ebon sends them out on three different quests to help them defeat the Time tribe. But as the five discover things about themselves, the Time tribe, and Ebon… do they really want to kill anyone?

 And for the second book (also undergoing a title change; first it was called Moon Hunters but I’m thinking Void):

In a dreamworld called Dromen where almost anything can happen within the laws of magic, the moon is growing larger and larger while the sun becomes smaller and smaller, only coming out only once every decade.

Lunar has the ability to go to Dromen in her sleep. In Dromen, she befriends a boy who freezes when he’s excited, a bookish warrior, an emotionless boy, and a heartbroken girl, all of whom are learning magic alongside her.

But the war within the heavens is getting worse and worse and soon Dromen will be destroyed, along with all her friends and eventually, Lunar herself.

Book three, 913, doesn’t have a summary yet because I’m not finished with it, and generally the plot changes by the time I’m finished with the book, so I’m choosing not to write a summary.

Just giving y’all basic overviews of my stories so you won’t be utterly confused when I talk about them. I’m going to post character interviews eventually, and I’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s who.


welcome to my blog

In the past, I’ve never been able to keep up with my… probably like ten different blogs that have most likely all been deleted from the history of the Internet by now, but I’ve finally decided to do one about something other than my life and only my life (because we all know Sherlock’s not going to come and make my life more interesting). I may post something about this wonderful, boring thing we call “life”, but mostly I’m blogging about my stories and occasionally random issues, most of which are debatable that they’re even that important.

You can find me as OliveTreePrincess on ywp.nanowrimo.org, and as solarmidnight913 on nanowrimo.org, and aside from nanowrimo (which stands for National Novel Writing Month) I’m not a big social networker. :3

Anyway, welcome to my blog!